SiNafay Vrinn

The Prodigal Dragon (Lvl 1)


Dark Elf Sorcerer
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Background Drow in Hiding

Armor Class 15
Hit Points 15
Speed 30 ft.

STR 10 ( +0) DEX 14 ( +2) CON 12 ( +1)
INT 12 ( +1) WIS 10 ( +0) CHA 16 ( +3)

Saving Throws Con +3, Cha +5
Skills Arcana +3, Deception +5, Perception +2, Persuasion +5, Sleight of Hand +4
Senses Passive Perception 10; Superior Dark Vision
Languages Common, Undercommon; Draconic
Proficiencies Disguise, Daggers, Darts, Forgery, Hand Crossbows, Light Crossbow, Quarterstaffs, Rapiers, Shortswords, Slings
Features Dragon (Gold) Ancestor, Dragonic Resilience, Drow Magic, Drow Weapon Training, False Identity, Fey Ancestry, Font of Magic (2sp), Keen Senses, Sorcerous Origin (Dragon Bloodline), Superior Dark Vision, Sunlight Sensitivity, Trance

Cantrips Firebolt, Dancing Lights, Mage Hand, Message, True Strike
Spells Known Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Thunderwave

Equipment Backpack, Bedroll, Component Pouch, Disguise Kit, Forgery Kit, Fine clothes, Hempin Rope (50ft), Mess Kit, Rations (10 days), Red Dragon Egg, Tinderbox, Torches (10), Waterskin.
Gear Daggers (2), Quarterstaff
Money Pouch 15gp



Personality Traits I lie about everything even when there’s no good reason to and pocket everything I see that might have some value.
Ideals I chose to leave my family in the Underdark no matter what anyone else says.
Bonds I come from Drow nobility and one day will return to them victorious.
Flaws I cannot resist a pretty face.


SiNafay Vrinn

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